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In our daily life we have to book for Bus, Taxi, movies, Flight etc. When we do this task manually then it becomes very hard to manage the booking, one of such hard task is venue booking for organising functions like engagement, marriage, reception, birthday, get-together, corporate parties etc. Recently many online platforms are created for online booking of bus, movie, flight ticket but there is no perfect online portal for venue booking, this may be due to large amount involved in booking process, human emotions are attached with such lifetime functions, each venue is having different T&C and facilities for booking, no repeated customers etc. considering these difficulties in development of online portal for venue booking, we developed different business model for online venue booking which will facilitate customers and venue owners.

60H enterprises is a start-up developed Book Our Venue portal, The aim is to digitize the way you Book Your Venue and Plan Your Events. We tried to design and develop portal which is easy to understand, provide you maximum information about venue and user friendly. You can explore available venues in a particular city, select and compare them and easily book venue, which suits to you and venue provider by mutual consent.

Before entering into portal development we did survey & SWOT analysis for online venue booking. During survey process its comes to know that, August to October three months are slack period for venue owners, particularly for marriage function halls. We thought to utilise available rooms of marriage function halls during this period for temporary stay for group (5-40 persons) and added one more classification room in portal development. Similarly searching accommodation in new city for single person living is also a big challenge to address it hostel classification is added in portal, directory is extra created facility which support our customer to find out other vendors needed for organising event, in this way is a one stop portal to plan & organise events.

Professionalism, Team work, value to customers & vendors, commitment are our work ethics. Presently we are providing services in all districts of Maharashtra majorly in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Satara and Amravati in our future plan we will cover all metro cities in India & all districts in Maharashtra state. We believe in mutual growth and go an extra mile to serve our vendors with our excellent support team and help you all the way in successful booking of your venue.

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