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Why Book Our Venue

  1. BookourVenue is not charging any fee (No fee to vendor or customer) or interfere in venue provider & customer.

  2. BookOurVenue is marketing partner for venues.  We have a strong presence on social media which help to direct customers to our site. We can ensure online visibility on the search pages to help you get business.  We serve as a linkage /platform to brand your venue.

  3. Simple booking process: You will get interested customers contact details by SMS/ email/ Separate dash board on BookOurVenue portal. Your mobile number will also be sent to the customer, You speak and mutually finalise booking amount etc.

  4. 60H enterprises is a start-up developed BookOurVenue portal, The aim is to digitize the way you Book Your Venue and market it. We tried to design and develop portal which is easy to understand, provide maximum information about venue to customer and user friendly.

  5. By registering on BookOurVenue you can save money & time spent on booking office.

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